Old Issues



Old Issues

We attended the first drop in session today and talked with the planners on the Local Plan.

Please use these documents to write your support for the proposed changes to the Green Belt in Thorpe Hesley and Scholes.

Representation form Page 1

Representation form Page 2

Representation form Page 3


Use the links below for further details. Please refer to Map No 27 on your representation form.


Deadline for you to return your representation form is Monday 24th November 2014



Moving the Post Office

Click here to see the decision letter.


New gates have now been installed which were paid for out of the Friends funds. (£780).Our thanks go to Sheffield park staff who negotiated with the contractor and obtained a reduced price thus saving us some money. The bulk of the cost came from a grant of £500 from Councillor Barron's leadership fund and we are grateful to him. Our thanks also go to the residents at Thundercliffe Grange who donated the proceeds (£109) of their summer garden party. They wanted the money to go to a local cause and chose us. Feedback so far from local residents has been favourable – the new gates seem to set the park off. What we need are more people to come to our meetings and volunteer. We could do so much more.

Whilst not strictly within our remit as they are outside the park, we lobbied the Rotherham's Area Assembly to obtain a grant to tidy up the garages on the west side of the park and remove the rubbish as the garages had been used as a dumpit site. Over seven tons of rubbish was carted away. We have also been successful in getting the entrance area outside the park re-surfaced, and have organised work sessions for our volunteers when we have tidied up the park and the gardens at the entrance. Our group also renewed the fencing down the west side of the park, and we have done a some painting jobs.

Bids for national lottery grants to renew the paths from the entrance to the play area and through the woodland have not been successful, but we will keep trying. We were successful however in obtaining a grant to install a basket ball hoop and we hope this will be installed in the spring of 2011. We are also researching the cost and grant sources for some play equipment.

With regard to the park ownership, Sheffield Council is drawing up the necessary paper work to transfer the park to Rotherham, and evidently, in spite of cut backs, the cost is not a problem, unless there are any unforeseen legal snags. Keep your fingers crossed but we are hopeful that the transfer of ownership will take place - soon. Meantime our next meeting is at the Ball Inn on Tuesday March 15th 2011 at 6.30 pm. If you are interested in helping to restore your local park to its former glory then come along!

Tom Doncaster, Chairman, Friends Of Bar Park

TD/Feb 2011..

Meeting With Tim Archer, Development Officer (Allotments), Rotherham Borough Council, On Site – Crofts Play Area, Wednesday 20th October 2010 (1530)

Present: - Tom Doncaster, Richard Cockings.

Minutes of this meeting.

Crofts Site

Richard had arranged the meeting to discuss the possibility of the crofts site being used as allotments. Having looked at the site Tim Archer decided it was unsuitable for the following reasons:-

(a) The existing hard surface was likely to be a very sound one with three or four layers and would cost a fortune to remove.

(b) The trees use up much of the water and the root systems extend underground for at least 50% more than the spread of the branches. Gardeners also grumble when the leaves fall in the autumn on to their plots!

(c) No vehicular access – needed as people like to transport tools, materials and produce to and from the site.

(d) There is only room for a small number of plots. The best allotment sites are where there are upwards of 20 or 30 tenants. In such cases these sites have committees to oversee the area and work with the council on solving problems and improving amenities.

One suggestion, which would mean lots of people or organisations volunteering to tidy up the area, would be to make it into a community garden, or quiet space with flower gardens and shrubs and seats.

School Site

The other potential allotment site is below the school at the side of the footpath from the village shop up to the school. The verdict on this was that the main problem again is access which is “horrendous.” The construction of a house near to the old entrance to the site, which used to be allotments has severely restricted access. This area is also at the limit of where the number of plots make it viable.

Tom Doncaster – 20 October 2010.

We need your help on the issue of whether we should become a Parish Council.

A Parish Council, have your say!

In 2008 the government asked local councils to review and suggest any additional parish boundaries changes.

In February 2009 Rotherham Borough delegates attended your local Community Forum for Thorpe Hesley and Scholes and were told that we did not want our community broken up and gave clear guidelines as to where the boundaries should lie however:

In December 2009 without any consultation with your local Community Forum Rotherham Borough excluded Scholes and Keppel from the review process.

Many residents in the area may remember that the council sent out a leaflet to ask approx 1850 residents what they thought about the boundary changes but, only 23 replies were received and the council thought this to be inconclusive.

We as The Thorpe Hesley and Scholes Community Forum believe that you the community need to tell the Borough Council that, the community are not apethetic.

Please take a moment to consider what a parish council is, what it can do for Thorpe Hesley and Scholes and an idea of what it may cost.

What is a Parish Council: It’s the first tier of local government where all its money is invested in your community. The Parish only has one paid employee who is The Clerk. The Council may have other employees but these are not paid and have to be elected.

What can it do ! The Parish Council works for and on behalf of its community in planning applications, licensing, policing, street cleaning to name but a few. Thorpe Hesley and Scholes may benefit from Parish funding for community groups which is not so easily accessible these days.

What does it cost : This is possibly the hardest question to answer. The precept is the name of the additional amount added to your current council tax bill. It is thought that if you are currently in band A then it may be about 50p per week added to your current bill.

Your opinion does count.

We would like you to tell your Community Forum what you want and we will analyze your thoughts, make the Borough council aware of them and show that Thorpe Hesley and Scholes are not passive about the subject.

The Community Forum passed on your thoughts about traffic in a recent survey and as a result major changes are on the way.